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Employee Id Name Mode of Lead Allocated To Allocation of Employee Allocation Name Allocation Designation Name of Borrower Type of Borrower Address StateCity Contact Person Contact No Email Company Name Nature Of Business Type of Loan Loan Amount Type Loan Period Roi Expected Current Roi Current Bank Current Loan Amount Property Details Additional Details Monthly Salary When Required DoB Purpose File Type Allocation Date Action Verification Re-Verification Meeting Held Action Reason Reason Document reason Pick Up Documents Document Complete Date of Login Bank Name Relation Ship Manager Contact Number Sanctioned Date Sanctioned Amount Sanctioned Period Disbursed Date ROIEMI Final Amount
AF-39-20-130718-6 Referral Partner ajeetchaurasiya5@gmail.com ajeetchaurasiya5@gmail.com brijesh Salaried bhangel phase 2 noida Uttar Pradesh Noida brijesh 8587000509 brijeshgupta912@gmail.com C2S HUB Used Car Loan 100000 Fresh 4 year Years 8.5 0 4 year used car 30000 Immediate 05/22/1998 Lead 2018-07-13 08:19:08 disbursed_cases close no yes 13/07/2018 axis Amit 9898123654 13/07/2018 95000 4year 13/07/2018 8.5 2500 97500
AF-39-15-120718-1 Referral Partner vivek@aditshfin.com vivek@aditshfin.com test new Salaried noida Uttar Pradesh Noida test person 7827136210 info@c2shub.com c2s hub Home Loan 10000 Fresh 10 Years 10 0 10 test 100000 Immediate 07/01/1998 Lead 2018-07-12 08:44:08 no
AF-39-15-120718-2 Referral Partner vivek@aditshfin.com vivek@aditshfin.com shweta chaurasiya Salaried Shree ram trade center Uttar Pradesh Noida test 7827136219 priya@c2shub.com c2s hub Home Loan 100000 Fresh 10 Years 10 0 10 test 10000 Immediate 06/30/1998 Lead 2018-07-12 08:44:08 no