Lease Rent Discounting

Lease Rent Discounting


Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is a kind of financial help that is generally offered against rental receipts. These receipts could be procured from lease contracts with corporate tenants. It is important for you to know this loan is basically calculated according to the discounted rent potential of the property and current market value. Availed money could either be used for personal or professional needs.

Features of Lease Rental Discounting

  •  Residential and commercial property under lease can be used as collateral
  •  Up to 9 years of tenure
  •  Up to Rs. 75 crores could be availed (amount must not be more than 70% of the property value)

 Terms and conditions apply *

The indicative rate of interest charged by various banks are given in table as below, however final rate may differ depending on the profile of individual and parameters of bank